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A new comprehensive type design class in NYC.
Calligraphy at the dinner table.
Wolfgang Wick of Buero MAGENTA interviewed me for the latest issue of Slanted magazine
Ewan Clayton demonstrates how to cut a goose quill for writing.
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Realist Narrow
designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 8 styles

Typeface Realist Narrow by Martin Wenzel
designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 8 styles

Typeface Realist by Martin Wenzel
Realist Wide
designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 8 styles

Typeface Realist Wide by Martin Wenzel
Sonar Sans
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 10 styles

Typeface Sonar Sans by Hannes Famira
Interpol Sans
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 12 styles

Typeface Interpol Sans by Hannes Famira
Interpol Serif
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 12 styles

Typeface Interpol Serif by Hannes Famira
designer ⇢ Martin Wenzel, 5 styles

Typeface Ode by Martin Wenzel
JC Corrido
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 2 styles

Typeface JC Corrido by Hannes Famira
JC Tieshy
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, styles

Typeface JC Tieshy by Hannes Famira
JC BubbleJet on Steroids
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 1 style

Typeface JC BubbleJet on Steroids by Hannes Famira
JC Kugelkopf
designer ⇢ Hannes Famira, 1 style

Typeface JC Kugelkopf by Hannes Famira
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WOFF & EOT webtype made to order available now

→Over 67% of the browsers out there are currently supporting the webfont format WOFF. This is why we have started making our entire retail library available in EOT and WOFF format. Some details for the type nerds: Our webfonts have TrueType outlines and are manually hinted for ClearType.
Please don't hesitate to enquire by email while we are busy updating the web store to accommodate this additional purchase option and give you a decent ClearType preview. Learn more about the new web fonts...

Fonts in Use: Cry Wolf
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Cry Wolf
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Realist Wide
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Proudly announcing the «Sonar» family

Hannes Famira's latest family of typefaces is a reinterpreted classic. While Sonar is a geometric sans serif, it lacks the antiseptic sensibility prevalent in this genre and offers instead a warm, familiar elegance. Each font contains a strategic set of stylistic alternates, which transform the entire font, expressing different degrees of historic flavor.
Sonar’s five optical weights progress in steps, too fine to leave you wishing for additional in-between styles, but distinct enough to keep the typographer’s choice easy. The italics are performing a balancing act between true italic letter forms and the minimalist, merely slanted style demanded by Sonar’s historic ancestry.

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